First Time Homeowners Reference

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In this article, we will try to explore the most important things which new first time homeowners must be aware of. If you are first time home buyer, these pointers will help you to make a smooth and worry-free transition into your new residence.

1) Utilize the Canada Post Service to order a new community mailbox key by creating a Service Ticket online on Canada Post website. This will ensure your mails are secure.

2) It is advisable to get the duct cleaning done to ensure the removal of dust/contaminants and any unpleasant odors as you take over your new home.

3) For any carpeted areas have professional carpet cleaning done to have removal of dirt and bacteria and it would also assist in the removal of any stains.

4) Replace the front door locks, as there might be a chance that previous owners might have shared the keys with contractors, handyman etc. and you want to be sure that home is safe.

5) Replace the furnace filter, they need to be replaced every 3 months for having clean air flow in your new home.

6) Utilize Mail Forwarding Service provided by Canada Post to ensure mails are routed from your previous address to the new one, this would give you time to ensure the address is changed in all places.

7) At the onset of winter season do remember to shut off the water valve for the outdoor water lines to backyard and garage areas, and drain the exterior faucets. This will eliminate the possibility of bursting of exterior plumbing pipes during winter months.

8) During the winter months never turn off the heat in your home, even if you are going on vacation always keep the heat on and no less than 65° F. You have a high risk of freeze damage to the home especially in a cold climate like ours when temperatures reach subzero levels.

9) During the summer months never turn off the air conditioner in your home, as it would help to control humidity and prevent mold growth in the home. Although, you can always set the temperature higher to save on energy.

10) Check every floor in your home has a smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detector. In the kitchen area, Carbon Monoxide alarm should not be placed as they will not function correctly. Refer to the graphic here.

11) If you spot any water leakage in any area of your home, as a first step shut off the main water supply in the home, usually found in basements. This will control any further water damage and then call a qualified master plumber.

“Avoid surprises after a relaxing vacation”

12) When going on a vacation more than 1-2 days, shut off the main water supply in the home, usually, you can find it in your basement. As a next step drain the water from the pipes at the main and top floor. This will ensure you will avoid any water damage to the property due to any pipe leakage when you aren’t there to monitor the home.

13) When going on a vacation more than 1-2 days, unplug all electronics as it would save some energy bill and also help in reducing the probability of electrical fire.

14) Before leaving for a vacation it’s a good idea to ensure your insurance coverages are intact.

Hope these tips were helpful. Wish you all the very best and stay positive always..Mudit