Listing – The Right Way

Listing - Let's do it Right

Selling a Real Estate Home is a project which if planned and executed right can reap the due benefits by allowing us to sell the property in less time and at good price.

The single most important step in Listing a home or Selling a Real Estate Property is its evaluation and agreeing on an asking price which is fair for in the current market and justifies the property. This needs to arrived at objectively and without emotions, a fair comparative analysis of recent sales in your area should be done by your Real Estate Agent and after meticulously accounting for adjustments and features in your specific property, arrive at an appropriate listing price.

Getting a home listed at a higher price than its current worth in market would not help the property to sell and and gain any views, it would at best remain as a reference house for similar properties in the market which are priced right. On the other hand if your Real Estate Agent does the research right and works with you to come up with right price, you will end up successfully with multiple offers to choose from. The showings on the house will translate to offers, which is a trademark of decently listed property. The thumb rule of asking price is that it should look and feel like a ‘good deal’ to a prospect, which will encourage him to put an offer which is what you want.

For a successful listing in the market always do ensure that once your house is listed you should be able to make sure that any showing requests are entertained and access is given. The fundamental always holds well. Homes that are shown.. Get Sold. With restrictions on the time slot for the viewing, it will drive away the prospective buyer which is the last thing you want. So, as a rule once the house is listed on MLS, make your best effort to accommodate any viewing request which come your way.

This brings us to another very important aspect which is often neglected in selling a property – it’s ‘Presentation’.

The home which is not presentable and having a dreary look will dissuade any prospective buyer even entering the house. The property and its every nook and corner should be impeccably clean, without any odors or clutter. Making a house presentable and well staged ensures that the showings translate to successful offers and house is not on market for a long time and tagged as stale in the market. Please feel free to refer to the section on Home Staging for an in-depth article on how you can stage your house and handy tips to ensure that it is ‘Showing Ready’.

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Wishing you all the very best.